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Did You Know?

  • The Coffee plant is native to tropical Africa, specifically Sudan and Ethiopia.

  • The benefits of Coffee were discovered by multiple Ethiopian travelers, who witnessed unusual energy in wildlife who consumed specific berries. 

  • The name "coffee" results from the Keffa Zone, the name of the area where coffee berries were first used. Keffa Zone is a region in southwestern Ethiopia. 

  • Drinking coffee as a beverage originated in Yemen in the 15th Century in the Sufi Shrines. 

  • 400 billions cups of coffee are served annually, around the world. 

  • Today, the coffee plant is cultivated in over 70 countries across the globe.

  • Brazil is the largest producer of coffee, followed by Vietnam and Colombia.

Coffee on the Fly

Don't Listen To What They SAY. Go SEE.

Experience different cultures as you embrace a variety of blends from all over the world. These limited time blends are here until you sell them out. So don't miss your opportunity. Take your tour today!

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“We aim to bridge the gap, display humanity and tell the story of human life, through coffee and tea.” 

- Stacey Haliburton, Owner -


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