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Who would have thought a sleepless shift as an officer would  shape my career as a traveling coffee and tea creator?  That's right. The foundation of these culturally, blended herbs of nature, started  during a series of overnight shifts that drove me to indulge in coffee.

My name is Stacey Haliburton, owner and creator of Drip Blends, LLC.

During my career as an officer, I found myself struggling to stay awake through the night. Thankfully, a talented co-worker would come every evening and deliver his homemade coffee to the night shift. The flavors were so alluring and of course vitalizing to my senses. I was in need of this "blend" more than a few night shifts a week. At that point, I took on the quest of trying to create this blend on my own. I began visiting local coffee shops and asking questions that would guide me to the correct herbs, with no luck. Soon, I shifted my career path to a flight attendant. Best decision I have ever made! As I traveled the world, I continued to discover and explore the different herbs of the world, looking to create that perfect blend. Although I never succeeded in recreating my "night-shift" coffee, I created something even better! My own cuture of blends. Drip Blends, LLC is a batch coffee and tea company that is more than your average! These are internationally imported herbs from ALL OVER THE WORLD, blended together to create the perfect cultural beverage. We are committed to promoting unity and togetherness amongst people of all cultures by way of coffee and tea beverages from different regions. There’s a huge historical correlation between the mass production of coffee and tea across the globe & mass migration of humans around the world. Drip Blend's mission is to bridge the gap and display humanity and tell the story of human life through coffee and tea.

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Did You Know?

  • The Coffee plant is native to tropical Africa, specifically Sudan and Ethiopia.

  • The benefits of Coffee were discovered by multiple Ethiopian travelers, who witnessed unusual energy in wildlife who consumed specific berries. 

  • The name "coffee" results from the Keffa Zone, the name of the area where coffee berries were first used. Keffa Zone is a region in southwestern Ethiopia. 

  • Drinking coffee as a beverage originated in Yemen in the 15th Century in the Sufi Shrines. 

  • 400 billions cups of coffee are served annually, around the world. 

  • Today, the coffee plant is cultivated in over 70 countries across the globe.

  • Brazil is the largest producer of coffee, followed by Vietnam and Colombia.


Tea Leaves Are Falling. Coffee is Calling. 

Experience the enchanting, yet cozy ambience of fall

through your favorite earthly blends. 

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“We aim to bridge the gap, display humanity and tell the story of human life, through coffee and tea.” 

- Stacey Haliburton, Owner -


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