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An Ethiopian Legend

It's Monday morning. You have about a half hour before the kids awake and things go haywire. Dreading the moment where you will have to scream across the house just to get them to bathe, brush their teeth, and get dressed. Oh man! I almost forgot to pack their lunch and school bags. Who invented Mondays? I'm not sure. However, what I am sure of is my desperate need of a nice, hot, cup of coffee to help calibrate my thoughts before my day starts. A blend of Campfire Roast sounds great right about now. *Sips Blend* - "Ahhhhh."

Now, I still may not know who invented Mondays, but I do know who discovered Coffee. It's all coming back to me now.

The legend of the origin of coffee begins around 850 AD, with an Ethiopian goatherd, (a person who tends goats), named Kaldi. One day, Kaldi went on a search for his goats. When he discovered them, he noticed they had inhabited an unusual amount of energy. Kaldi then came across an area in the field that contained a green-leafed shrub with bright red berries. He was astounded! With his curiosity of this unique source of nature, Kaldi had decided to sample the berries himself, and in no time, he was dancing gleefully with his goats around these green-leafed shrubs. A curious onlooker then decided to gather the berries himself and bring them home. He went forth with boiling the berries, ultimately creating a liquid beverage to absorb this energizing source of nature. Once he was able to confirm the benefits, he then shared this discovery with his fellow monks. Soon, no one would fall asleep at prayer! HAHA! From this moment in history, coffee spread from destination to destination, customized and tailored to speak to cultures from all over the world. Coffee today is now one of the most warranted beverages creating a wakeful world.

Berries!? You mean to tell me, coffee beans are technically seeds!? Amazing. *Sips Blend* I am not sure who to thank first, Kaldi, or his goats.

Well, the children are awake now. I am still not sure who invented Mondays, but I am sure glad for the invention of coffee to help me get through this day. Here goes nothing!

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